Maen, a 24 year-old Palestinian, has been in Israeli immigration detention for the past 20 months. Israeli authorities view him as an illegal alien, though he has lived in the West Bank since he was 3 years old. Maen's father is Palestinian and his mother is from Uruguay, but Israel refuses to review Maen's family unification request, leaving him without any legal status in his home.

Help us get Maen released and prevent future cases like his. Join our fight for Palestinian families.

Today, HaMoked filed an appeal to the District Court demanding Maen's immediate release from arbitrary and prolonged detention.

For almost two decades, Israel has refused to process family unification requests submitted by Palestinians on behalf of their foreign spouses. As a result, thousands of families live in a state of uncertainty; one parent has no legal status in the West Bank and could be arrested any time they pass through a checkpoint, as happened with Maen.

We're prepared to file a series of petitions to the Israeli High Court demanding Israel change its discriminatory family unification policy. But we can't do it without your help.

We have 10 days left to raise the funds for this project. Help us reach our target on time. Together we can fight for families' right to live together!
Thank you for your support,

Jessica Montell